There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else
— Andrew Carnegie

Ain't It Rich

Ain't it Rich; the podcast taking down capitalism with comedy. Each week, hosts Aria Salan and Mickey Flykick take Australia's best up and coming comedians through the whirlwind lives of the rich and famous. Whether it's discussing the life of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Harlem Globetrotters, The world's coldest town or Elon Musk, Ain't It Rich is an entertaining and educational look at modern class warfare and the one percent who could buy and sell us all. 

Ain't it Rich is based in Brisbane, Queensland.


Upcoming Live Podcasts


In the past 2 years Mickey and Aria have learned all about the dark side of the FIFA Wold Cup, the Gender Queer Pharaoh who was almost erased from history, who Jim from Jim's Mowing really is and the lucrative horse breeding industry,

Ain't it Rich are now swiftly approaching their 100th episode and celebrating this milestone by doing two podcasts live in the Barrel Room at Aether Brewing.

Your hosts will be joined by hilarious guests like Dan Dennis and Nick Carr (who are both returning from shows at Melbourne Comedy Fest) to discuss big bucks, big business and bubbles bursting.

Share this AIR Milestone at one of the best microbreweries in all of Brisbane - Aether Brewing produce foods that match their beers, and beers that match their foods. That means they get to experiment with new and exciting ingredients, and we all get to be a little bit classy.

2 Podcasts for the price of 1, 4 fantastic comedian guests, countless delicious brews and some fantastic food will add up to a great show.


The Hosts


Mickey Flykick and Aria Salan met in their early 20's and became great friends. They had collaborated in bands and podcasts before starting Ain't it Rich. No, they're not a couple. Gross. 

Mickey is a stand up comedian who enjoys reading comics, watching wrestling, yelling about how terrible capitalism is and knowing too much about serial killers. He's happily married to his high school sweet heart - the couple have two rescue cats.

Aria is a history and political science major who was a veterinary nurse before leaving behind a respectable career for this podcast. She has a 14 year old dog and a three legged puppy she takes everywhere, including to record podcasts. She also has a horse, a rescue cat, two rescue budgies and a merino lamb.