Ain't It Rich

Ain’t It Rich is the comedy podcast where we, Mickey Flykick and Aria Salan, tell Comedians about Capitalism.

In the past 2 years we have covered over 100 topics, from the dark side of the FIFA Wold Cup to the Gender Queer Pharaoh who was almost erased from history, From who Jim from Jim's Mowing really is to the lucrative horse jizz industry.

Ain’t it Rich is a very silly but informative podcast from the heart of the working class. We are independently funded by the comrades on our Patreon - who have enabled us to pay all of our guest comedians for their time so we can practice what we preach. We recorded our 100th episode live in June 2019 to an almost sold out crowd.

If you like your podcasts homegrown, punk rock and intellectual, come and join the revolution!

Ain't it Rich is based in Brisbane, Queensland.

The Hosts


Mickey Flykick and Aria Salan met in their early 20's and became great friends. They had collaborated in bands and podcasts before starting Ain't it Rich. No, they're not a couple. Gross. 

Mickey is a stand up comedian from Logan who enjoys reading comics, watching wrestling, yelling about how terrible capitalism is and knowing too much about Dragon Ball. He's happily married to his high school sweet heart - the couple have two rescue cats and a rescue puppy.

Aria is a history and political science major from the Darling Downs who was a veterinary nurse before leaving behind a respectable career for this podcast. She has a 15 year old dog and a three legged puppy she takes everywhere, including to record podcasts. She also has a horse, two rescue budgies and a merino lamb.